When you become a member with us, you receive more than just perks — you join us in the movement to bring quality medicine to those who need it. Member benefits:

Access to premium strains.

As a TweedLeaf member, you get first access to our premium strains and can reserve an order for same-day pick-up.

Tax-included pricing.

TweedLeaf members enjoy out-the-door pricing, meaning we cover the cost of sales tax for you. No doing math in your head to calculate an after-tax total. The price you see is the price you get (on every item in the store) — unless, of course, you’re getting a discount!

Discounted products.

In addition to tax-included pricing, members also receive an additional 15% discount on all concentrates, edibles and topicals — making it easier for you to enjoy your favorite products and try a few new ones.

Your choice of sign-up gifts.

The moment you become a member with TweedLeaf you get your choice of sign-up gifts totaling $40-50 in retail value. Choose from any item of TweedLeaf apparel (hats, beanies, shirts, hoodies, etc.) plus 1/8 of any strain or 1 gram of concentrates (with purchase). Welcome to the TweedLeaf team!

5% in-store cash back.

One of the greatest benefits to membership with TweedLeaf is 5% in-store cash back every time you purchase. Every dollar you spend equals a point — and those points add up quickly! Cash your points in for something small or save up for something big. The choice is yours. If it’s for sale in the store, you can use your points to help make your purchase.

Monthly and quarterly specials.

We love our members and we want you to feel that love continually! Every month TweedLeaf members receive a $1 pre-roll of their choice. Every three months you can enjoy in a $100 ounce of whatever strain you like. Plus the many other “member-loving” specials we have coming your way…

More than just a member.

All of the TweedLeaf member benefits are simply ways for us to thank you. As a member you have entrusted us with your plants and your care. It is our responsibility to nurture your cannabis into quality medicine and to continually strengthen the connection you feel to these plants by always giving you the best. Your membership means you have chosen TweedLeaf — and we are honored and excited to partner with you.


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